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Virtue Media, LC

Virtue Media, LC
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Puzzle Play, Inc.

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Task 1.0

Puzzle Play Proposal (as proposed)

Puzzle Play Inc. has an ambitious plan for expanding it’s services for children with special needs. To support this initiative, Virtue Media proposes to develop a compelling printed prospectus, enhance the online presence, and produce a mini-documentary series.


  • Content Development
  • Fundraising Prospectus Document
  • Estimated 200-250 Printed Copies
    • Print Cost Limit $1,500
  • Fundraising Campaign Website
    • Virtue Studio Business Standard
  • Electronic Payment Portal
  • Supportive Short Documentary Film
    • Support clips for Social Media
    • Explainer Video for website
    • Full Credits (end screens)
  • Follow Up Consultation 1 Year (Max 8hrs/mo.)







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