I Need a Website, Now What? Part 1 – Tips for Non Web Designers

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Posted On April 6, 2020

Here at Virtue Media we’ve been on the cutting of web design for over a decade. Helping small businesses, community organizations and individuals alike. We’ve seen what works and we’ve had to rethink our strategies when they don’t work. The following hard learned design phase tips can help you create a worthwhile website.

Make sure the color combinations that you use on your site don’t hinder their ability to be read. It is important for the text to be legible when set on the background color you have chosen. Dark text on light backgrounds are typically easier on the eyes than the other way around. If you are uncertain about the effectiveness of your color scheme choice, try it out on a friend and solicit feedback from them.

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Users can navigate easier when you use fixed-position navigation. This allows you to lock the panel for navigation in place while users scroll. This is easy for the visitor and good for marketers.

This isn’t the 90’s, so avoid frames. While they worked well back then, they had many flaws. Visitors may find it difficult to scroll or bookmark your web design when a frame is present. There are much easier ways to provide your users a flow through your website.

When you design a site, try to stick to just a few web fonts. You need to consider how large the font is since some may be too small for concentrated website reading or smaller screens. Many sites make use of Verdana, as it can be read in many sizes and colors.

Make compelling and fascinating web content. The design of your website is important, and the content is too. You’ll have more repeat visitors when you keep your content fresh and informative.

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Written by Ken

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