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A Quick Guide to Getting Your Own Branded Email Address

In navigating the line between professional and unprofessional, email addresses have an important role to play. Just think of how you regard a person differently if they email you from a [email protected] email address versus if it comes from [email protected]

How Freelancers Can Juggle Multiple Clients and Work Types

Were you laid off or furloughed from your job recently? Are you feeling increased pressure to bring in more to support yourself or your family during this time of crisis? Maybe you’re just looking for more freedom to explore your passions?  Whether you’re looking for...

7 Tools I Use to Maintain My Freelance Company Up and Jogging

I begun freelance crafting for SaaS, marketing/promotion, and data science providers approximately a 10 years back. Why did I let go of the security of corporation backed health and fitness insurance plan and a matching 401K? Nicely, I wished to be the manager of...

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