7 Best WordPress Plugins for Affiliate Management

Posted On April 29, 2021

Nowadays, everyone can use a little extra cash. Affiliate marketing is the go-to opportunity to incentivize customers and influencers to promote your brand. 

A few short years ago, this type of marketing was only implemented by large companies due to technology restraints. But luckily, easy-to-use plugins exist now to help any brand launch an affiliate program. 

No more spreadsheets. No more manual calculations. You can track commissions in a single affiliate marketing dashboard, monitor visits to your website, and create detailed reports for your records.

Grow your business with the latest tools in the industry. Explore these seven WordPress plugins for affiliate management. 

ThirstyAffiliates Affiliate Link Manager plugin

Drop the complex setups. ThirstyAffiliates Affiliate Link Manager helps you monetize your WordPress website with ease. Simply write your blog posts and click a button in the Visual editor. 

Not the best organizer? There’s an option to group your affiliate links into hierarchical categories. Now, you can change the destination URL in one place, rather than replacing all your affiliate links within multiple posts. 

Nathan Thompson, a father, a writer, and a lover of travel, explains why affiliate marketing rocks:

“Affiliate marketing is when an online retailer pays you a commission for traffic or sales generated from your referrals. It’s essentially classic advertising in a less intrusive way. Rather than promoting a product on your website with visual advertisements.”

Oh, there’s more! This WordPress affiliate plugin comes with built-in reporting to track clicks from your affiliate links. That way, you can explore which links get the most traffic.

2. SliceWP

SliceWP affiliate manager plugin for WordPress

SliceWP is a labor of love created from personal experience. The developer built this WordPress plugin after working on several unsuccessful affiliate projects. And his hard work paid off. The result is an easy-to-use tool with a beautiful interface to manage all your affiliate programs.

Touted as one the best eCommerce solutions, SliceWP offers a step-by-step setup wizard to start your affiliate program today. Decide whether to give your affiliates percentages or fixed commissions in this platform.

You can automatically track affiliate commissions and visits. And then, communicate that information directly to your affiliates through email notifications. You can build custom pages for your affiliates to log in and manage their account, too.

This plugin offers a slew of other cool features. For instance, you can turn your customers into affiliates by automatically registering new users as affiliates. You can customize your affiliates’ promotional links to match your branding as well.

3. Affiliate Manager

Affiliate Manager plugin for WordPress

Forget the hassle of managing your affiliate marketing program. To drive more traffic and earn more sales, Affiliate Manager is an all-in-one solution for facilitating the affiliate recruitment, registration, login, and management process. It also integrates with popular eCommerce tools, like WooCommerce, Simple Shopping Cart, and Stripe Payments. 

You control how to reward your affiliates. Choose to pay them a flat rate per order or pay them a percentage of every order. You can pay your affiliates their commission using PayPal. Real-time reporting allows you to monitor your affiliates’ traffic and sales. Neil Patel, a serial entrepreneur, tells you how everyone can win:

“Affiliate commissions of 50% or higher are very common with digital products because you have no cost of replication. Don’t be greedy here, split the pot evenly and everyone wins.”

4. Affiliates

Affiliates WordPress plugin

Designed for growth, Affiliates is a breath of fresh air amongst affiliate marketing tools. Its intuitive dashboard helps you conveniently partner with others to promote your products. Your affiliates have access to a unique dashboard to share links to any page on your website. 

The WordPress plugin works with any theme including its customizations to get you started as quickly as possible. You can even refine the design for your affiliates with a flexible template. Other helpful features include automated affiliate registration and unlimited affiliate management sections. 

Affiliates works on blogs, online shops, membership sites, and microsites. If you got coding chops, you also can customize the tool to offer your affiliates a more exclusive experience. Commissions on referred users are built within the plugin, so you’ll know exactly how much to pay your affiliates. 

5. YITH WooCommerce Affiliates

YITH WooCommerce Affiliates plugin

YITH WooCommerce Affiliates improves your product sales with the help of your customers. It creates a system for your affiliates to earn a commission for each product sold. 

For instance, the plugin saves the affiliate’s refer ID and credits the individual a commission if the visit creates a purchase. The refer ID is stored in the visitor’s browser cookie; that way, the affiliate gets credited a commission for subsequent visits that lead to a sale.

“A properly executed affiliate program will not only drive traffic but increase sales, improve your site’s SEO, generate quality leads, broaden the influence and reach of your brand, and even help sell other products that are not part of your affiliate program at all,” says Nathan B. Weller, a content manager at Elegant Themes.

The tool automatically manages all total commissions and purchase orders. It also calculates refunds while decreasing the total of an affiliate’s commissions.

6. Affiliate Booster

Affiliate Booster WordPress plugin

Say goodbye to heavy page builders. Affiliate Booster empowers you to create beautiful website designs using the default WordPress editor. This Gutenberg plugin offers a wide variety of functionality to add conversion-optimized elements to your pages and posts. 

These pre-designed blocks speed up the affiliate website-building process. You’ll love the AB Button to add professional buttons in your affiliate blog posts. Explore the AB Star Rating to give customers the power to rate products. And don’t forget the AB Notice Block; you can add a special notice in posts to showcase any deals or promotions. 

With Affiliate Booster, you improve the shopping experience—without writing a single line of code. Try these creative blocks to increase your affiliate sales.

7. Affiliate Coupons

Affiliate Coupons WordPress plugin

Did someone say coupon? Affiliate Coupons boosts your earning potential by helping you promote discount codes of your favorite brands. This intuitive plugin creates vendors and links for affiliate coupons. Using shortcodes, choose between standard, grid, or list templates to display coupons on your website.  

Upgrade to the Pro Version for additional features. Get access to a dashboard to track the view, copy, and click statistics for all campaigns. Plus, you can showcase the most popular affiliate coupons on your website using a single widget.

Streamline Affiliate Management With These WordPress Plugins

Whether you’re the merchant or the affiliate, you’ll want to efficiently manage the entire process. Explore these WordPress plugins for affiliate marketing to earn more money. 

Written by Ken

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